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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  February 26, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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see the temperatures and more snow to the west. more on the last part of this storm as it moves out of the state coming up. >> thank you. it has been a killer whale drowned a trainer at sea world in orlando. the park plans to restart its killer whale shows this weekend. there will be changes. trainers will not get into the water with the whales. we have that story and some remarkable video from orlando. >> we have initiated a review of the procedures that guide interaction with killer whales. >> reporter: sea world's ceo addressed the media. >> tillkum will remain part of the team. he is a special animal that requires special handling. >> reporter: this home video taken by a tourist in the moments leading up to the fatal attack could answer key questions. dawn and the killer whale
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playfully interact. she feeds him and flows buckets of water on the whale. she praises him calling him cute. she tosses her head side to side. he follows. soon after he grabs that pony tail and pulled her into the water to her death. before the tape ends there is this key moment. showing her laying in a shallow pool next to the killer whale. her mentor says that never should have happened. >> if she was standing here with me now will tell you that that was her mistake in allowing that to happen. >> reporter: regardless of the rules, the tape proves the killer whale is not to blame. >> when i was there we did have a protocal that you would not do that. you would not lay down in a slideout and get that close to his mouth. >> reporter: federal investigators are also trying to figure out who is at fault. teams from the occupation safety and health
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administration are combing the grounds to see if sea world did anything wrong. the washington, d.c. metro system announced two new safety upgrades to the trains. software this keeps trains from rolling backwards will be installed on 180 rail cars. metro plans to repair door control units. repairs will cost $3 million. this week the national transportation safety board finished a hearing on red line back in june of last year. how about this one? in montgomery county this morning a tractor trailer carrying a load of bananas flipped over on i-270 between the beltway and georgetown road. it is not clear if the strong winds had anything to do with that crash. the storm system that brought strong winds and little snow to maryland is hammering the northeast. some areas have gotten more than two feet of snow and more
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than a million homes and businesses are without power in states from pennsylvania to maine. an inmate mistakenly released from the maryland correctional center in baltimore yesterday is behind bars tonight. raymond taylor conned his way out of prison by posing as his cell mate who was scheduled to be released. he was caught at the home of a childhood friend in west virginia. you can see the taylor with the cell mate. he faces charges and could spend ten years in jail. he was scheduled to be released yesterday. the man who abandoned a toddler at a gas station in delaware faces murder charges. police said the 25-year-old killed jackson's mother. his 20-month-old daughter was found sunday in delaware. she is now in the custody of delaware authorities. their stories are amazing. hope, faith and strength shown
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by the children at john hopkins. tonight the people at 106.5 are raising money for them. they need your help. cheryl conner is live with more. what's going on out there? >> i wonder if she knows we can hear her? >> it is really great kids and stories. let's move on for now. a new partnership is aimed at linking strong schools are healthy neighborhoods. today baltimore announced the first neighborhood school partnership grant. it is a big grant. total close to half a million in five city schools get parts of the money to be used in different ways. calvin elementary school in northwest baltimore will bring the weather bug science curriculum into their school. >> it will be really cool to
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see the weather changes while they are happening. we can let our friends know ahead of time about the weather conditions. >> watch out for that kid. city leaders say these partnerships are a big part of building a stronger school and keeping working families with young children in baltimore city. now, i believe we are heading back out tigons hopkins children's center. >> reporter: when you think about the jones hopkins sents
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you debbie phelps. the mother of micheal phelps. >> when we were transitioning from baltimore county to frederick county it was 1997 where he was blooming into what he became today. he didn't have a doctor. we came to hopkins. dr. roe took care of michael giving him a physical and making sure he was ready to be fit enough to do all these great swims he was doing. >> reporter: it was really important, i would imagine, that he was monitored all the time. >> all the time. absolutely. make sure the heart is going okay. you are in the water and you are in your athletic competition and you are exerting all this energy. you want the make sure everything is operating the way it should and working the way it should. hopkins was able to do that for michael.
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>> reporter: debbie phelps thank you so much. give your son our best. >> thank you baltimore. give to our children. >> reporter: the number to call is 410-823-1065 or log on to hopkins we'll be out here throughout the night bringing you these wonderful story. back to you. >> thanks. great to see debbie phelps out there. we'll be right back. with fios you have instant access to news, traffic and weather without changing the channel. i will be ready for whatever the day throws at me.
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uh, looks like torrential rain, bumper to bumper traffic and some kind of weird smell downtown. i will be working from home today. my sister's coming. i can make it. i'm sure she's lovely. [ male announcer ] instant weather and traffic without changing the channel and 3 times more very satisfied customers than comcast. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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a slow day on wall street. dow up four. nasdaq up four. s&p 500 up a point and a half. obama administration is thinking about banning foreclosures unless the delinquent went loan has been looked at for modification . m# program was meant to help four million homeowner. the mortgage bankers association says unemployed borrowers could reduce payments up to nine months. a big milestone for apple. they sold their ten billionth song on i tunes.
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it took mcdonald's 32 years to sale they are ten billionth burger. 71-year-old grandfather of nine was downloading old country music when he hit the jackpot. he was the winner of $10,000 i-tunes gift card. that winning song was johnnie cash's guess things just happen that way. guess they do. something is smelling funny about girl scouts cookies. it is an addiction that could hurt your kid's future. it is not alcohol or drug . we'll tell you what we are talking about coming up next.
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it is the type of addiction. >> might seem harmless. left alone it could affect your child's grade and their future. we have more on why some teens might need to take a texting
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timeout. >> reporter: you might be shocked to hear she sent nearly 7,000 text messages in one month. she says that's average. with many middle school friends texting 10,000. texting back and forth with 50 people a day is not easy. if you want to keep up 4pxzwith crowd this 12-year-old says texting and facebook are a must. >> gossip. it is the thing to do. >> reporter: she was a straight-a student before her heavy messaging. with every text on hour on facebook her grades start slipping first b's and c's. she even made grammatical errors liking u. í r instead of you are. >> i was always on facebook complaining of how tired i was. >> reporter: a foundation study shows kids spend an average of 7.5 hours a day texting or on
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social networking sites. nearly half suffer fair or poor grades. dr. tim moore says it is not just grades that suffer. >> there are impacts on their health. in terms of being sids tear when they are older and amount of aggression before violence they are exposed to. that carrying over in their own personal habits. there are a lot of everythings that we know from overexposure. >> reporter: texting and social networking have taken the place of the long phone conversations we used to have. while it seems unfair, he believes screen time, tv, computer and text should be limited. >> my experience is when people have set limits and set controls, a lot of times adolescents or the children are pleased because it is really overtaking them in a way that is not good and at some level theyness it is not good for them. to be the bad guy is really
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being good guy. >> reporter: between his grades and this bill the fans decided to take away her phone and facebook time. several days into her grounded she started focusing on her school work again and her family. >> my grades are going really fast to the a's and b's. >> we have enjoyed getting to know our daughter again. >> reporter: once all her grades are back up she'll be able to text and spend time on facebook again but only after her homework is done and before the lights go out. >> new research shows teens send an average of 3,000 text messages a month. it is hard to resist girl scout cookies but some customers are turning of their noses. some stink. kentucky baker say it has complain of a foul smell or taste in lemon chalet crhmes . no one has gotten sick but they
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have been distributed in 25 states including maryland. the cookies are safe to eat. mel comes in a break down of the oils used to make them. maryland dodged the ball for this storm. you can see old glory flapping and looking good. a windy day. you can see snow on the bank. most is old snow. some on the mid to upper part of the hill could be from what
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we had earlier today. snow showers persistent at time. winds northwest at 14. temperature 34 degrees. we are above freezing but not my much. over 31 degrees. look at the wind gusts up to 13 miles per hour. through the day today we had snow at times. time lapse downtown for you here. you can see at times the snow showers on and off. not a ton of snow. you can see a few flakes out there. winter weather advisory about to expire across baltimore. there will be concern for a passing snow shower tonight. and you have to watch out for icy spots. we'll go below freezing tonight into the 20s. persistent snow west toward frederick. baltimore things are clear. clear north and eastward up i-95. that was not the case last night when this area up into new jersey was getting pounded by the snow. none of that this evening.
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low temperatures this morning down in the upper 20s. things rebounded niecely for us into the upper 30s. we are at 34 baltimore. dulles 37. easton 36. i'll take you into the winds. they have been gusty all day. peak wind gusts 50 miles per hour. now at this hour things are quieting down nicely. gusty at 25. half of what the wind was earlier today. if you look closely over the last 12 hours the center of the storm broadens out and becomes less tightly wrapped. that's a sign of the storm weakening off of new york city. behind the storm still cold northwest winds wrapping around it. some snow. most is staying well west of the baltimore area. take you out wider and show you not much off to the west. we'll watch this storm spin and push back off of the new england coast. again, in the meantime we'll have lot of wind and snow showers wrapping around it. into the weekend there will be
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snow into new england and pennsylvania and new york. here we'll see partly cloudy skies both days and windy conditions. tonight 27. cold windy conditions. snow showers possible. into the day tomorrow just a few early flurries and up to 42 degrees. now lets take you into the seven-day forecast. we'll break it all down. weekend looking good. a cold night tonight. bitter cold and windy. tomorrow a breezy day on tap. not as windy. 42. warmer. early flurries. sunday we have a mixture of sun and clouds and 45 degrees and a chance at 50 degrees as we go toward monday. we'll call it 48 right now. looking good toward monday. >> thank you. the new credit card act means big changes at banks starting this week with in protections for everyone who uses a debit or credit card. john shows us some of the biggest changes that could
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affect your wallet so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: the biggest provisions of the new credit card law are taking effect. the law has many consumer protections but the biggest has knot dog with credit card it has to do with the overdraft fees. >> no overdrafts today? >> not today. >> reporter: good thing. karen jones, like so many other banking customers was hit with a string of overdraft charges. >> this was a gas charge. gas charge. and a transfer to a different account. >> reporter: what happened? she says she made a few debit card transactions before a big check cleared. the result? four overdraft fees in a row. >> all together it was $30 in charges. >> reporter: each one had an overdraft fee? >> yes. $36 each. >> reporter: the worse part was that the bank took her biggest debit first. >> they took the biggest check
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out. >> what did that cost? >> that caused about $144 in bank fees. >> reporter: automatic overdrafts like karen's are about to become a thing of the past. turn new card act you'll have to opt in for automatic overdraft protection instead of charging a $25 overdraft charge your debit card will now be rejected if your account is too low. other provisions include no rate hikes on existing credit card balances. 45-day advance notice of rate hikes and students under 21 need a parent's approval. the biggest change are the end of the courtesy overdraft charges that hit customers with $40 billion in fees every year. >> i don't think it is right. they should not allow you to use a debted card if the money is not there. >> reporter: consumer group say
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banks depend on the overdraft fees. as a result many will raise fees and will charge a monthly fee on checking accounts. don't waste your money. now with a look ahead to 6:00 tonight. i'm kelly swoop. fire rips through a 150-year- old baltimore county home. water source crews used to fight the fast-moving flames. his story was the focus of a memory. how one man is inspiring students here in maryland. okay, let's do this...
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the topic of same-sex unions has been causing debate in maryland. it will start debate on squareoff. this monday the attorney general released an opinion in which he says it state's highiest court that will likely rule that gay marriages that are legal in another state should be recognized here. >> the issue is do we recognize the union? however that is characterized that is established legal in
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another state? of course we do. it is not like a gun permit. >> heated issues as always on square off. it airs sunday night at 6:30 here on abc 2. it was another big day in vancouver. highlights on abc 2 news at 6:00 which starts right now. it was another winter wallop for most of us around here. are we in the clear? wyatt is here with the first forecast. >> if you were out late last night or this morning you saw the snow showers. it was blowing around. nasty and reminiscent of storms that were bigger. now we are seeing a little bit of snow on radar. let's take you to


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